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    New Joomla! Extensions

    Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.
    1. Easy Jobs Manager is an awesome Joomla component that let you build a website for publishing and finding jobs.

      Main Features

      • Jobs management
      • Companies, candidates, replies management
      • Locations and fields management for Jobs
      • Lightweight and very fast
      • Custom fields support
      • Email notifications
      • ACL support
      • Assign candidate or company user to a specified Joomla group

      Job Listing Features

      • Attach job to a company from backend
      • Add job title and description
      • Choose job location (ability to attach 3 locations)
      • Choose job fields (ability to attach 3 fields)
      • Choose job listing publishing period
      • Attach a company contact to job
      • Set job starting time
      • Choose job time type (Full-time, Flexi-time, Fixed-term contract, Casual workers)
      • Choose length of employment (Indefinite period, Length C, Length D)
      • Choose contract (Employment contract, Business Licence, Fixed-term Contract)
      • Extend job with custom fields (example: Responsibilities, Requirements....)
      • Control job listing activation (manual or auto activation after creation)
      • Global publish daycount for each job listing
      • Control company info how to be displayed in job listing (Full, Basic or None)
      • Email notification when new job created and published with ability to customize email message and subject

      Jobs List Features

      • Easy jobs management from backend
      • Jobs list view with filter (you can filter by location, field )

      Candidate Features

      • Can filter jobs quickly by recommended, field, location, contract, replied to, Favorited
      • Can add personal information like name, surname, picture, gender....
      • Ability to extend personal information by custom fields (example: skills, website, phone, fb profile....
      • Ability to manage experiences, educations, certifications, files (cv, cover letter...) and languages
      • Ability to choose preferred jobs (by choosing locations and fields)
      • Reply to a job
      • Application history
      • Share a job to a friend
      • Subscribe to a newsletter
      • Receiving alerts about new job offers
      • Ability to download CV as PDF
      • Email notification when new candidate registered with ability to customize email message and subject
      • Email notification when new candidate replied to a job with ability to customize email message and subject
      • Auto thumbnails generation for candidate picture
      • Attach a new user candidate to Joomla group during registration

      Company Features

      • Submit new jobs
      • Manage own jobs easily (edit, unpublish, copy)
      • Check candidates database
      • Add company logo
      • Extend company informations by custom fields (example: company form, employees number, activity, contact info, address...)
      • Ability to attach more contacts
      • Email notification when new company registered with ability to customize email message and subject
      • Subscribe to a newsletter
      • Receiving notifications of events related to the company
      • Auto thumbnails generation for company picture
      • Attach a new user company to Joomla group during registration


      • Jobs search form
      • Jobs listing
      • Login/Register based on role (candidate or company)

      3rd party Integrations

      • AcyMailing Integration (create subscribers and subscribe to lists based on preferences in Easy Jobs user profile)
      • CiviCRM Integration (create contacts and their relations)
      • Plugin for importing jobs of companies from G2 (jobs.cz)
    2. JUX Cryptocoins Converter is an amazing Joomla module which provides your visitors with a convenient on the spot currency conversions powered by CoinCap Rankings. Being in details, the user-friendly converter allows customers to convert any cryptocurrencies which are available at CoinCap Rankings from the drop-down list to their needed cryptocurrency in seconds
      There are lots of fascinating features you can explore from JUX Cryptocoins Converter!

      1. Fast and Accurate Conversion

      Absolutely simple and fast! The crypto coins converter allow users to convert their concerned cryptocurrency into the other currencies in just seconds. The converter also ensures the accuracy of the date which directly takes from the reliable page: CoinCap Rankings, so you can put all your trust on the value we give out you.

      2. All Cryptocurrencies at CoinCap Rankings

      These days, we witness the time of a big data, and JoomlaUX team acknowledges of this trend, so we give you as many options as possible. JUX Cryptocoins Converter directly gets data of all cryptocurrencies which are up-to-date daily from Coin Cap ranking.

      3. Responsive and Retina Ready

      Like other JoomlaUX products, JUX Cryptocoins Converter is highly responsive and retina which is designed to be shown neatly and clearly on any screen size. No matter how large or small your screen is, images will automatically adjust to fit it and be perfectly shown.

      4. Simply controllable Backend

      The Joomla Cryptocurrencies module deserves users a simple controllable backend which allows the user to easily set up, change or do some complex customizations as well.

      5. Easily Customize the Width & Colors

      JUX Cryptocoins Converter gets flexibility in with and color which you can immediately change with just a click.

      6. Beautiful Widget Setting

      Finding a convenient way to set up a beautiful crypto coins converter on the widget of your Joomla site.

      All core features:
      • Sidebar Widget
      • All Highlight Features
      • Get data coin from CoinCap Rankings
      • Easy and accurate conversion
      • Full Control set a width to field
      • Update price auto from coincap.io
      • Use many Positions
      • Change title module
      • Change all color background module
      • Can Custom CSS
      • 100% Responsive or Fix width, height
      • Compatible with Tablet, Smartphone
      • Run on modern browsers (including IE10+)
      • Support multiple languages
      All things considered, JUX Cryptocoins Converter is an expected Joomla module which follows the trend and becomes a good assistance in converting any types of cryptocurrencies in a fast and accurate way. And now, you should take a visit on this module learn that how great JUX Crypto coins Converter can be.

    3. This Plugin downloads all Google Fonts used in your site and replaces them with a local version whic is automatically downloaded if not present.
      All Google Fonts are then DSGVO compliant.

    4. Sagenda is an online booking software that helps your clients fix appointments and meetings with you online. Sagenda is available at absolutely NO COST for you or your clients! And the best thing about it is that you may have an unlimited number of bookings and/or customers. Our users always come first; that’s why Sagenda doesn’t display ads!

      Using this Joomla Extension is a better way to display your bookings on your Joomla frontend than using an iFrame. Using this Extension will required a free Sagenda’s account. To create an account please visit: https://sagenda.net/Accounts/Register

      You can use PayPal as payment gateway to make your customers pay for bookings. They can pay via PayPal account but also via direct credit card payment (without creating a PayPal account). Following cards are accepted : Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club, EnRoute…

    5. OSG Courts Reservation for Joomla is an online reservation and booking software for sports facilities, training courts and other objects like rooms, tables, boats, bicylces and much more.
      The special feature: You can allow several groups for one unit, for example for basketball courts or dog places.

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